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  • Bodyweight Muscle Building Exercise Library... access to an entire video library to teach you the most effective bodyweight exercises to help you build muscle & strength (ZERO equipment necessary). The high-definition videos include multiple varations from beginner to advanced so you'll continue to progress for years to come.
  • Bodyweight Muscle Intensifers...12 unique & proven secret techniques to "intensify" ANY bodyweight exercise so you pack on rock-hard muscle mass. These powerful strategies have been PROVEN to boost growth hormone and testosterone no matter what your age.
  • Full Access 14 Day Pass to the Complete Bodyweight Physique Academy... get unlimited access to all the videos, techniques and "done-for-you" workout plans and follow along videos. You'll be sculpting more muscle and burning fat in 5 perfectly laid out progression levels. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get a full Free 14 day access and your subscription will automatically renew after 14 days for just $47/month until you decide to cancel.
  • VIP Access to Exclusive Community "Locker Rooms"... gain step-by-step ongoing guidance and support from Coach Bodyweight Todd. You'll receive exclusive access to community "Locker Room" forums for motivation and encouragement to give you immediate accountability needed for success.
  • FREE Bonus Bodyweight Omni Program... How To Work Every Muscle In The Body From Multiple Angles (Gives Muscles A Stronger, FULLER Look), Why Bodyweight Training Can Give You A BETTER Workout Than Weights (Using This Unique “Omni” Technique), 8 “Omni Boosts” – Super-Effective Advanced Techniques To Help You Grow Stronger & Bigger, FASTER

My Personal Guarantee and Promise:

I believe in "over-delivery' and helping you achieve a muscular physique faster than you ever thought possible. And I want YOU to put me to the test! Either you start seeing your muscles grow using these simple and powerful "Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers" within 30 days - or I give you your money back. The promise is FAST muscle growth, increased strength and an amazing amount of energy. Simple as that.

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- Bodyweight Muscle Building Exercise Library Valued at $79.00
- VIP Access to Exclusive Community "Locker Rooms" Valued at $69.00
- Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers Valued At $49.00
- Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout Plan Valued at $29.00
- Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout Sheets Valued at $19.00
- BPA Nutrition for Muscle Building Guide Valued at $49.00
- BPA Guest Lectures Valued at $79.00
- BPA Nutrition Classes Valued at $79.00
- BPA Fat Loss Follow Along Workout Library Valued at $79.00
-FREE Bonus! - Bodyweight Omni Program Valued at $24.95

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Guarantee #1: My personal guarantee is that you’ll quickly develop the body of your dreams using these simple and powerful bodyweight exercises. You’ll gain more confidence, more muscle and feel great. If you don’t experience these amazing benefits, for whatever reason (even if you didn’t even try 1 exercise), I’ll give you all of your money back… no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back.

I stand behind the Bodyweight Physique Academy and am committed to YOU and your success.

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No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Todd Kuslikis

Founder, Bodyweight Physique Academy/

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PS - If you feel like I don't deliver on Promise 1 or Promise 2, you can refund anything you've spent with me, even if its a buck. The fact of the matter is, I don't think that will happen. I believe that once you are inside the members area you'll be blown away by the resources available that will help you totally transform your physique.

PPS - If you are looking to build muscle using just bodyweight exercises... I want you to know that I can relate. All my life I have been skinny. But I never liked the "gym feel" and loved to workout in the comfort of my own home. Not only is it a better "fit" for me but it also saved me time. Listen carefully, you CAN build muscle without ever touching a weight. I'd like to share with you my closely guarded and most effective Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers to help you build a rock-hard, muscular physique.

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