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Attention: Men Who Want A Sexy, Muscular Physique Without Paying For Expensive Gym Memberships

Discover 1 Simple "Bodyweight Trick" To Packing On Sculpted Muscle & Getting A Sexy, Rock Hard Physique Without EVER Touching A Weight

Recent Scientific Discovery PROVES How Using This “Weird” Style of Bodyweight Exercise Can Help You Pack On Muscle & Lose Stubborn Belly Fat From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

From the desk of: Todd Kuslikis, MPA

Date: July 17, 2024

Dear Reader,

Getting a sculpted, muscular physique using ONLY bodyweight exercises has always been a mystery.


Through recent scientific discovery, research has proven that packing on muscle WITHOUT using cumbersome weights CAN be done quickly and safely.

AND…  it will give you that sexy, ripped physique that is MORE attractive to women than the muscle-bound, "bloated" bodybuilder look.

But before I share with you this simple bodyweight “trick” to packing on rock-hard muscle... I MUST address the biggest MYTH in bodyweight exercise fitness.

Here it is…

“Bodyweight exercises DON’T help you build muscle.”


Just look at the physiques of Olympic gymnastics.

They have muscular, ripped physiques and use only their body.

But don’t worry….

There is actually a SHORTCUT to building muscle with bodyweight exercises that WON’T require you to train hours a day like Olympic gymnasts OR force you to practice crazy & potentially dangerous moves like iron crosses, human flags and planches.

And there is MORE good news!

This “bodyweight trick” can be done without ever leaving the comfort of your own living room. Yep, you won’t have to kill yourself in the gym or ever purchase one of those expensive, confusing pieces of “fancy pants” exercise equipment.

"Your Body Is Your Own Gym!"

This “Weird” Bodyweight Trick Will Be Revealed In Just A Minute.
But FIRST...

There are a few things you should know about me…

My name is Todd Kuslikis and I have been helping thousands of men, just like you, build muscular physiques using ONLY bodyweight exercises.

But before you hear how I was able to help so many men transform their physiques without EVER touching a dumbbell or barbell you NEED to hear this…8552191_s

My unique “bodyweight trick” doesn’t require you to perform endless amounts of push ups or FORCE you to learn insane and dangerous “calisthenics tricks” that could injure you.

You DON’T even need to count calories or eat bland foods every day to develop the physique that women desire and you can be proud of.

MOST IMPORTANTLY this technique will NOT require you to workout for hours and hours to get the body you want.

I have been featured on mega-popular men’s sites such as, and I have grown a following of almost 40,000 dedicated bodyweight enthusiasts because I teach strategies that work… period.

I have dedicated my life to helping men, like you, transform their physique from the weak, flabby body they started with to the rock hard, muscular physique women can’t help but desire and men envy with jealousy…. with ONLY bodyweight exercises.

The BEST part is… I know just how you feel.

Before I developed my muscular "bodyweight physique" and became a mentor to tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts online… I had a weak, skinny frame… thanks of course, to poor genetics.

Booh! 🙁

But don’t worry if you have poor genetics too…

This Simple Bodyweight “Trick” Transformed My Physique
& Changed My Life Forever…

If you want a well-built, "manly" physique without EVER stepping into an expensive gym or even touching a bulky weight… listen up.

I have something VERY important to share with you.

You only need to know ONE thing about bodyweight exercises in order to pack on dense, rock-hard muscle.

I’ll teach you how I…


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.52.46 AM"I Gained 11lbs of Rock Hard Muscle
without EVER touching a weight!

And you will NOT having to fork out your hard earned cash on an expensive gym membership that you won’t even use.

You also will NOT have to go on some crazy, bland diet or do endless amounts of push ups.

And here’s the ridiculously good news…

You’ll Pack On MORE Muscle & NEVER Be Glued To A Dumbbell or Barbell Again

Your muscles will grow even while sleeping or busy at work.

Now, I know that sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread… and well… it IS!

Maybe it even sounds like some weird “bodyweight magic” or something.



It actually comes from a recent scientific discovery from a group of scientists that studied muscular hypertrophy.

Now, hypertrophy is just a fancy word to describe muscle growth.

They discovered it didn’t matter if you lifted weights or used your own body as resistance.

"Your body DOESN’T know the difference!"

This discovery lead to a technique called “Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers”.

Now, I’ll show you how simple it is to apply Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers to help you pack on sculpted muscle and get you that sexy, beach body physique you’ve always wanted.

So by all means… pay close attention to what I am about to say.

I swore that after I learned this breakthrough.. I would let every guy and girl in the world know about it.

I made a promise to myself to spread the word about Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers and how a simple combination of bodyweight exercises can help you BUILD muscle without ever touching a weight.

These unique, Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers trigger muscle growth AUTOMATICALLY. Its like pushing the "ON" button for your muscles. They just start growing. 15729140_s

You see... the typical problem with bodyweight exercises is that they don’t cause enough intensity to stimulate muscle growth.

Yet when you use Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers you don’t even have to think about the muscle growth… it just happens because you are forcing your muscles to become BIGGER.

And let me tell you a secret right now that NO trainer will ever tell you… Yes, even if they write in one of those flashy fitness magazines.

The MOST important thing you could ever do to see the muscular physique you’ve always wanted, using just bodyweight exercises, is to follow the RIGHT process.

So... what I really mean by “RIGHT” process is that you must do enough to trigger muscle growth without training TOO much and over training.

Today, I want to let you in on these specific, “weird” bodyweight movements that trigger your body to produce greater muscle growth without using weights.

This process works even when you are not working out.

The bottom line is this…

Getting Your Body To Grow Muscle WITHOUT Using Weights Is All About One Thing...

Using "Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers"

But first I have to warn you about 4 BODYWEIGHT LIES about getting a muscular physique with bodyweight training.

And why you absolutely MUST avoid these lies if you ever want to see even a tiny bit of muscle growth or fat loss in your body.

Bodyweight Lie #1: You MUST Have An Expensive Gym Membership To Get An Amazing Physique


This is probably the most common lie.

And it doesn’t even make sense.

Think about this for an example.

The average gym membership costs around $65/month which amounts to $780/year. And did you know the dirty little SECRET of the gym industry? They actually OVER sell memberships. Yep, its true.

They intentionally sell MORE memberships than the gym's capacity because they know you aren't going to use it.

Statistics show that gyms oversell their recommended capacity by MORE than 75%!


What's the result? They yank more of your hard-earned cash right out of your pocket while knowing darn well you aren't even going use the membership.

Doesn't this make you mad?

Well, I hate to bring more bad news but that's not even the WORST part.

For the few people that actually use their membership... they WASTE one of their most precious assets.

Yep, I'm talking about... TIME.

They fight traffic both to and away from the gym, waste time changing in the locker room and have to wait endlessly for the right piece of equipment to open up.


Talk about frustration. Why waste something you will never get back?

Now imagine a totally different path. You wake up in the morning. You DON'T need to drive anywhere but walk to your living room and perform an energizing, effective bodyweight-based workout in a short amount of time. A workout that gives you REAL muscle growth.

Isn't THAT the way it should be?

That's one of the most powerful benefits to bodyweight exercises and its possible using Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.


Now that we covered the first lie… let’s move on to Bodyweight Lie #2

Bodyweight Lie #2: Your Workouts Must Be LONG and Grueling To Get Good Results Again!

One of the greatest benefits of bodyweight based training is that it DOESN'T take a lot of time.

You can have amazing workouts that come with so many benefits: packing on slabs of muscle, burning off stubborn belly fat and developing a rock-hard physique, WITHOUT wasting a lot of time working out.

How is this possible?

Bodyweight Exercises work more than one muscle group at a time which means you can workout MORE muscles in LESS time.

One single exercise has the power of multiple exercises because it forces you to work "Muscle Stabilizers".

Muscle Stabilizers are muscles that support the main muscles.

They give you a "fuller" stronger look.

When you use a weight or rely on a machine it rarely works the stabilizers so you have to do more exercises to get the full effect.

But bodyweight exercises target Main Muscle Groups AND Muscle Stabilizers giving you a better workout in half the time!

Bodyweight Lie #3: You Have To Count Calories & Deprive Yourself Of The Foods You Love In Order To Build Muscle & Burn Fat


Alright, let me explain something very important to you right

Most skinny guys think that they will magically grow bigger just by doing a few exercises.

Well, I got news for you… you might as well believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus because it ain’t gonna happen.

You must EAT to grow.


Who wants to count calories all day?

You don’t want to be that geek in the restaurant that pulls out his iphone to see how many calories are in his steak…. seriously?

In just a little bit, I’ll show you a simple process of eating that will help you pack on mass without EVER having to know how many calories are in a certain food OR boring yourself to death by measuring out grams of protein, fat or carbs.

And the best part is it takes about 2 seconds to do and you can STILL eat normal meals like a sane person.

Now, after the 4th Bodyweight Lie…

I’ll teach you exactly how YOU can use Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers to grow your own muscles and physique today.

I’ll also share with you a system that makes this entire process possible.

Bodyweight Lie #4: You MUST Lift Bulky Weights To Build Muscle by now you know that this is simply NOT true.

As scientists recently proved, your muscles DON’T know if you are curling a barbell or pulling yourself up in a chin up.

Remember this phrase…

Resistance is Resistance.

It doesn’t matter where resistance comes from... its STILL resistance.

And when you use Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers it FORCES your muscles to adapt to EVERY bodyweight exercise you do and turns it into an exercise that packs on muscle.

Also, don't forget that when you lift heavy weights it can be extremely dangerous.

Think about the entire premise of weight lifting. You grab an over-sized handle made of heavy iron. Then you lift it over your head.

Can you say, "Recipe for Disaster"?

Sorry, this isn't for me. And I'm guessing its not for you either.

Of course, if you LIKE going to the gym or lifting weights (and know exactly what you are doing) you can still do that too. Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers will improve your current workouts and help you to grow muscle even faster.


How do you do it?

So... What Exactly Are "Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers"?

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers are specific combinations of exercises, perfectly timed rest periods and unique ways of performing your reps that force lactic acid into your muscle.

Lactic acid is a waste product of resistance training and is HIGHLY correlated to muscle growth.

You see… most bodyweight training doesn’t build up enough lactic acid to ensure you are building muscle. Sure, you may feel some fatigue after your workout.

But it doesn’t push you to the point where you have an extreme pump, a ton of lactic acid and torn muscles that MUST grow.

You remember the movie about Arnold called “Pumping Iron”?32041585_s

In it, he says that he trains for “The Pump”. There is a reason for this. The Pump is when you have an unbelievable amount of blood that flows to a muscle group and it feels “pumped up”.

Why is there so much blood?

Because your body is trying to remove all the waste products of intense resistance training.

If you are not getting the pump.... it means that you are not ‘intensifying” the exercise enough.

How do you make it intense enough?

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers

But here’s the BEST part.

It has been proven that this type of training also boosts two hormones that are CRITICAL to building muscle mass.

Here they are: Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

Yep, you heard me right.

Adding Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers has been scientifically proven to dramatically increase the two essential hormones that are an absolute MUST when it comes to packing on muscle.

So imagine how your body will transform when it starts surging with growth hormone and testosterone when you add Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.

You’re muscles will grow faster than you ever thought possible EVEN if you have a traditional “hard gainer” body style.

The coolest thing is that this all happens automatically when you apply Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.

19199519_sWhich means you’ll end up looking like this guy on the left.

And yeah, I’m talking about having a sculpted, muscular physique that women desire and men will be jealous of.

As a guy, I can tell you one thing…

There is no better feeling then when you are about to hop in the shower and you glance in the mirror and see a sculpted, ripped physique looking back at you.

The confidence that comes from having a strong, sexy physique improves EVERY area of your life.

Now there are 2 ways that you can go about discovering the specific movements that trigger the Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.

The first way is to spend more than 10 years burying yourself into mounds of scientific research on bodyweight based resistance training, growth hormone and testosterone literature AND testing different techniques on yourself and your friends in hope that you’ll find even ONE of these Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.


You can let me do it for you.

Today, I trust that you’ll make the smart decision that will save you time so that you can enjoy your new muscular bodyweight physique FASTER.

I’m going to hand you a blueprint so you can IMMEDIATELY start applying these Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers to your own life.

This blueprint makes the entire process “baby simple” and you won’t believe at how quickly your body can transform when you start applying these techniques.

This blueprint that I am referring to is called…

fade-leftfade-rightBodyweight Physique Academy

This is the FASTEST way on earth to pack on ripped, hard muscle without EVER touching a weight. You’ll get the amazing physique you’ve always wanted… GUARANTEED.

Take a look at what you’ll be receiving today when you invest in the Bodyweight Physique Academy.

First you’ll receive the entire Muscle Building Bodyweight Exercise Library that will teach you the EXACT movements to help you build muscle…  delivered to you in high definition “HD” videos.

Bodyweight Muscle Building Exercise Library Valued at $79.00

- Over 50 HD Videos To Teach You Proper Form & Execution
- The Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises That Build Muscle & Strength
- Multiple Variations for Beginner and Advanced Practitioners
- And so much more…

And listen up… I will be the bodyweight exercise trainer you’ve always wanted. I’ll be right there with you showing you how to build muscle using bodyweight training no matter how inexperienced or out of shape you currently are.

I’ll show you how you can SMASH through your perceived “genetic limitations” and achieve an amazing physique much faster than you ever thought possible.

If I sold these videos alone they could retail for over $79. But you aren’t going to pay even close to that.

Since reading this far, I’m going to offer you a deal that you’d have to be crazy not to jump all over.

Yet, there is much more that I want to give to you.

You’ll also receive exclusive access to the private Bodyweight Physique Academy Locker Rooms where you can get DIRECT access to me and other members.

This is ONLY available to members of the Bodyweight Physique Academy.

VIP Access to Exclusive Community "Locker Rooms" Valued at $69.00

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- Motivation & Encouragement From Other Community Members

- Instant Accountability To Ensure Your Success

- And so much more…

Imagine getting real-time advice from myself and others that have been exactly where you are right now.

Imagine joining a community that is dedicated to helping you achieve amazing results…

How much would that be worth to you?

Have a question? Want to share an insight? Got tips for other members?

Just enter the Locker Room and join others that are on the path with you!

Heck, I’ll even be in the Locker Rooms LIVE to answer questions. How cool is that?

If you were to hire me as a coach I would charge you $299/month. But I don’t even offer that anymore so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This is ALL included when you join the Bodyweight Physique Academy.

You'll also receive access to the "holy grail" of bodyweight muscle building... Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers:

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers Valued At $49.00

- 12 Unique & Proven "Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers" To Help You Build Muscle Using Just Your Own Body

- HD Video & Written Formats To Ensure You Perform Each "Intensifier" Optimally

- Powerful Techniques To Help You Boost Lactic Acid, Growth Hormone and Testosterone

- And So Much More...

But don’t worry… I won’t just teach you these unique strategies and leave you hanging.

Everything above is perfectly laid out in the Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout System that you’ll be following.

You’ll receive special access to…

Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout Plan Valued at $29.00

- HD Video & Written Workout Instructions So You Know Exactly How To Do Each Workout

- New Monthly "Done-For-You" Workouts That Are Easy To Follow & Highly Effective

- Special Progressive Routines So You NEVER Hit A Plateau In Your Muscle Growth

- And so much more…

Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout Sheets Valued at $19.00

- Printable "Log" Sheets To Help You Track Each Of Your Workouts

- Increase Motivation & Improve Consistency Through Regular Tracking

- Hold Yourself Accountable For Each Of Your Workouts

- And so much more…

If you were to purchase these programs separately, you’d pay $295. But today, I’m allowing them to be part of the Bodyweight Physique Academy.

When you join the Bodyweight Physique Academy you’ll know exactly what exercises to do and how to do them. You’ll be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home and STILL get the amazing physique you’ve always wanted.

Your waist will shrink, your chest, arms and legs will pack on muscle.

And your entire body will transform into that chiseled, muscular bodyweight physique that everyone dreams of having.

Most people only dream of it… but for YOU… its a reality… because you are an action taker.

How much would you invest to achieve the body of your dreams?

If I were to charge an entrance fee of $295 to join the Bodyweight Physique Academy… I’d be perfectly fine with it and YOU’D be happy because isn’t that well worth the benefits of getting a rock-hard, muscular physique all in the comfort of your own living room?

However, I’m not even close to being finished.

So let me ask the question again…

What is your dream body worth to you?

Ok, if you said less than $295… I feel bad for you.

Seriously… any intelligent guy would say that their body is worth WAY more than a measly $295.

And yes, you’d be right.

By reading this far… you’ve proven something very important to me today.

You’ve proven that you deeply desire to get the body you’ve always wanted. You are 100% ready to take action and start packing on muscle all in the comfort of your own home using just bodyweight exercises.

You have also proven to me that you are sold on how powerful Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers are to getting you the body you’ve always wanted.


You won’t be investing $295 to learn my trade secrets for packing on muscle without weights.

You won’t even invest HALF of the $295.

Not even $149.

I’ll go even lower than that!

You won’t even need to invest $97 which is what I would charge JUST for the Bodyweight Physique Academy Getting Started Series.

By taking action right now…


Only on this page…

You’ll get immediate access to the Bodyweight Physique Academy for JUST $7.


Yes, you heard me correctly.

You can receive instant access to The Bodyweight Physique Academy for a 14-day trial of only $7 which includes the step-by-step plan to help you build rock hard slabs of muscle without ever fooling around with dangerous, heavy weights or expensive gym memberships. After your 14 day trial, membership is just $47/month and includes new interviews, higher level Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers, fat burning Metabolic Boosting Strategies, unique bodyweight exercises, videos and so much more. There is no-obligation, you can cancel at any time... but hurry, this offer is JUST for those that qualify.

You can get started TODAY for just $7.

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I’m so confident that you’ll see your muscles growing using my special Bodyweight Physique Intensifiers that I am going to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

If you have EVER wanted to build mounds of lean muscle from the comfort of your own living room than this is your chance.

When you invest TODAY you'll receive my special...

“Bodyweight Todd 30 Day TRIPLE GUARANTEE”

Guarantee #1 – If you don’t see noticeable results within just the first few weeks… just email me at my personal email address and I’ll give you every penny you paid with no questions asked, Complete Money Back Guarantee.

Guarantee #2 – If you don’t like the Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers for whatever reason or you don’t like anything else in the program… the same Guarantee applies. 100% of your investment today will be returned to you without any hard feelings or any questions asked.

Guarantee #3 – “Love It or Keep It”. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the program just request a refund and I’ll let you KEEP the Bodyweight Physique Academy just for trying it out.

You have everything to gain and your investment is 100% secure.

However, I’m not going to stop there…

I am totally committed to your success and want you to get the body of your dreams without EVER wasting money on expensive gym memberships or silly exercise equipment that just collects dust in your basement.

This is a very special offer because...

I’m Going To Even Add Some Additional Bonuses Absolutely FREE When You Start Today

When you join the Bodyweight Physique Academy you'll receive access to...

BPA Nutrition for Muscle Building Guide Valued at $49.00

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BPA Guest Lectures Valued at $79.00

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BPA Nutrition Classes Valued at $79.00

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- And so much more…

BPA Fat Loss Follow Along Workout Library at $79.00

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- And so much more…

And even some surprise bonuses!

Listen, I’ve laid it all out for you so let me just finish off with this…

You have two possible paths you can walk down.

The first is the path you’ve been going down. Maybe you are randomly picking bodyweight workouts you find from some “expert guru” you find on the internet. Or maybe you aren’t doing anything right now but are frustrated with your current body.

You can HOPE that some magic pill is created that will magically give you the body you desire…20815395_s

But let’s be honest… you actually think that’s going to happen?

Seriously now.

Or maybe you’ll just think about this offer for another day, week, month or year.

Before you know it your life passes you by and you never get the body you always wanted.

Let me tell you that this is dangerous path.

Have you ever heard that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

What does this mean?

Well, let me tell you some scary facts.

Currently in the United States, the leading cause of death is Heart Disease. Over half a million people die from this disease which is mostly preventable.

Why is this number so high?

Over half a million people choose to NOT do anything.

Their quality of life is poor and they end up dying early.

What a tragedy.

You CAN build the ultimate muscular physique in the comfort of your own home using just your own body weight and live a healthy, long life.

Which leads me to the second path.

And its your greatest possible destiny.

Your waistline is lean. Your chest is chiseled. Your arms are ripped. Your legs are strong.

You are healthy and filled with vitality.

You have absolute confidence and feel great!

You can take off your shirt in public and in private and know that you have achieved a body that you can be proud of.

Wouldn’t you rather have that second destiny?

All I ask is that you let me take all the risk for you and you give the Bodyweight Physique Academy a try.

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The time to take action is now my friend.

Don’t wait another day.


Bodyweight Todd

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.49.44 AMP.S. Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers are one of the MOST powerful techniques ever created to help you build muscle without EVER touching a weight. You WON’T need to do crazy and dangerous moves like iron crosses, human flags or other bizarre calisthenics tricks.

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers build muscle automatically when you apply them using a unique sequence of exercises… all from the comfort of your own living room.

P.P.S. There is absolutely NO RISK. I am taking all the risk by giving you my “Bodyweight Todd 30 Day Triple Guarantee”.

If for ANY reason you want a refund… even if you think my bald head is distracting in the videos… just send me an email and I will give you your entire investment back immediately. Its as simple as that.

What are you waiting for?

Haven’t you always wondered how you can achieve REAL muscular results while traveling or staying your own home and NEVER paying for an expensive gym membership again?

Be an action taker. Your dream physique is waiting for you.

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P.P.P.S. Have a question? You should find it answered below…

Q - How Do Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers Work?

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers work by FORCING your body to produce more lactic acid and cause muscle tearing. This is very important for muscle growth. By following a specific pattern of movements in the RIGHT way you’ll see growth happen almost overnight…

How could this happen?

Because Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers open up the floodgates to Growth Hormone and Testosterone into your bloodstream. When you have these two hormones flooding your body its like pushing a button that tells your muscles “Grow! Grow! Grow!”

Q - Do I Need To Take Supplements On This Plan?

Nope. Here’s where most people mess up when it comes to transforming their body. They think supplements are a magic cure.

Think of it this way...

The best analogy I can think of is a bicycle. This bicycle will get you to your dream physique. One wheel is exercise (particularly exercises that use Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers) and the other wheel is food. When you exercise in the RIGHT way and eat the RIGHT types of food (which I will show you) you’ll reach your destination.

Notice that NO-WHERE in this analogy did I mention supplements. Supplements CAN help... but they are supplementary (hence the name). If you can’t get the right food than I recommend supplements to add a bit of help… but they are NOT needed.

Get started for JUST $7 TODAY.

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Q – Will I have to count calories on this plan?

Nope. In fact, I’ll show you a method of eating the foods you already enjoy that will pack on more muscle than you ever thought possible.

And you’ll be able to do this without EVER counting a single calorie or gram of protein. Its a method that you can use within 2 seconds while at the restaurant and won’t cost you a penny. Its super simple to learn and will become second nature to you so that you’ll be able to achieve your amazing physique and KEEP it for a lifetime.

Q – I am a “hardgainer” and have tried other programs before. How do I know this will work for me?

I am a “hardgainer” too. I was one of the scrawniest kids in my school and could pretty much be blown over by the wind. When you are eating the RIGHT amounts of food and have tons of Growth Hormone and Testosterone flowing through your body… it has NO choice but to GROW.

That’s the secret. The Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers will allow your body to pack on muscle AUTOMATICALLY without you even worrying about it. Your days of being a “hardgainer” are over.

Q - I need to lose fat too? Will the Bodyweight Physique Academy help me do it?

Absolutely! Included in your trial is complete access to some of the MOST effective methods for burning fat called “Bodyweight Metabolic Intensifiers”. These are simple strategies that you can do right now to start burning fat WHILE you build lean, sculpted muscle.

This is a surprise FREE bonus when you enter into the Bodyweight Physique Academy TODAY.

Get started for JUST $7 TODAY.

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Q - How soon will I get access to the Bodyweight Physique Academy?

You will receive immediate access. After you make the initial investment you will enter into the Academy. That’s the great thing about it. All the videos and programs are downloadable and viewable online so you save on shipping costs and you don’t need to wait for them.

Q - Can I read these ebooks on my phone or tablet?

Yes. Everything within the Bodyweight Physique Academy can be downloaded to your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can even if print it off if you desire. If you don’t have a way for your computer to read PDF’s (most people already do) than you can download the software for free: Its called Adobe Reader.

Q - I’m “old”, “young”, “female” etc., can I do Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers?

Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers can be done by anyone. There is no age or gender prerequisite for starting them. That’s one of the biggest differences between bodyweight exercises and weight lifting. If you pick up a weight that is too heavy you can easily get injured. With this type of training the resistance comes from your own body so the likelihood of injury drops dramatically and you can progress at your own level.

Q - If I invest today in the Bodyweight Physique Academy how will I know where to start?

There is a complete Quick Start Guide that will show you EXACTLY where to start even today if you wanted. Its simple to understand will guide you each step of your journey to building the muscular, strong, sexy bodyweight physique.

Get started for JUST $7 TODAY.

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