You’re invited to join the Bodyweight Physique Academy Test Group.


However, because there are other people eligible in your area and we want to make sure that only the MOST dedicated clients have access to this unique and powerful program. 

To gain special access to Bodyweight Physique Academy, you must agree to the following rules:


  • Be safe and do not transform your body TOO quickly. The workouts in the Bodyweight Physique Academy program are very powerful. There are highly guarded techniques that help you pack on dense muscle and quickly burn ugly body fat. Please be responsible and make sure you follow our eating guides carefully and transform your body at a safe rate.
  • Don't go overboard and do too many workouts. Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers and the other secret strategies you learn in the Bodyweight Physique Academy are scheduled strategically to help you transform your body quickly and safely. Don't "double up" on workouts and try to do MORE than you need to. Please agree that you will allow your body to have enough rest in order to avoid over training.
  • Be careful not to build muscle too quickly. The techniques you learn in the program are so powerful and the results you will see are so amazing that you'll want to apply every strategy immediately. The program is designed to transform your body safely so we ask that you follow it closely and NOT pile on the strategies. All you need to do is follow the plan how it is laid out and you'll see stunning results.

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